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The mission of Georgia Robotics Inc. (GRI) is set forth in our bylaws: "The purpose of Georgia Robotics Inc. is to support robotics-related research and education at the Georgia Institute of Technology and the state of Georgia.  Other activities may be carried out so long as they do not conflict with the interests of the Georgia Institute of Technology or the state of Georgia, and they are consistent with the purpose and activities of a non-profit 501(c) 3 corporation."


Georgia Robotics Inc. was founded in September 2006, primarily as a means to support the organization of RoboCup 2007 Atlanta at Georgia Tech. GRI provided registration services for the event, including collecting registration fees on the web, onsite registration, creation of invitation letters for visas, and creation and distribution of credentials. Over 2000 people from 42 countries attended RoboCup 2007 Atlanta.

As of 2008 GRI is supporting research and education in two new ways. First, we have licensed educational robot technology from the Institute for Personal Robots in Education at Georgia Tech which we are offering to the public via the web. Second we are helping to organize workshops to train teachers and professors how to use robots in the classroom.
























Georgia Robotics Inc. is a non-profit incorporated in the state of Georgia
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